The story begins when I was twelve years old, looking at the liner notes of a CD...

While reading through the band’s credits, I discovered they not only had a hairstylist and make-up artist, but a wardrobe stylist that put together the fantastic outfits the band was wearing. I knew right away that was exactly what I wanted to do.

Fast forward five years, and I was beginning my career in fashion working at a young men and women’s retail store, primarily assisting customers in the fitting room. Just over a year later, I launched my own online junior’s clothing company, Blue Marilyn. I managed nearly every facet of the clothing company, even having a hand in the logo and website design, but my favorite part of the job was choosing which pieces of clothing to stock and styling the outfits for the photoshoots. The clothing business ran for the following five years until Blue Marilyn was permanently closed down.

While Blue Marilyn was still running, I pursued my dream of becoming a stylist. I was determined to give myself the best possible foundation for a successful career, so I took classes in anything that could further my knowledge about fashion and styling, including a fashion illustration class and photography classes. For two consecutive years, I was one of only five hundred people selected to take part in Teen Vogue Fashion University, where I attended classes and lectures in Fashion Design, Make-Up, Visual Merchandising, Costume Design, Fashion Blogging and Social Networking. Shortly after, I was thrilled to take classes with the School Of Style, receiving an education specifically in fashion, wardrobe and personal styling. I then decided to further my personal styling education by studying with Body Beautiful, where I became a certified level one consultant.

Today, I am living my dream! Everyday I get to use my eye for details and passion for creating personalized, beautiful looks for each of my clients.


Style is for everyone

Celebrities aren’t the only ones who deserve to look amazing! Personal stylists and fabulous fashion is not just for celebrities. Everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful while expressing their individual sense of style. Style is not just for the rich and famous, style is for everyone.

I don’t dress and tell

I recognize that being styled is a personal experience, therefore, all of my clients’ information and services they have received is kept completely confidential.

I dress people, not just bodies

We all have times when we feel insecure about our appearance. I address the whole person (image perceptions, emotions and body image) so that at the end of the styling experience, my client looks and feels their best.

You are special

I believe that each and every person is “fearfully and wonderfully made.“ Every client is treated like the unique individual they are. I believe that everyone has their own special brand of beauty and I help each of my clients bring out their beauty for the world to see.

Honesty is my policy

I always give an honest answer, while telling the truth in a gentle and caring manner. I won't hesitate to speak up whenever something needs to be said about how great the client looks!

Every client is my most important client

I work tirelessly until each of my clients’ needs have been addressed. I take care of all their fashion and beauty needs, so they don't have to worry about a thing. Each client comes out of their styling experience feeling heard, pampered, and in love with their new look!


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