The Stunner Package

Fashion Consultation + Beauty Consultation + Beauty Appointment +
Closet Edit + Personal Shopping + Personal Styling

The Fashion Consultation is the definitive, foundational experience for you to learn how to authentically express yourself through fashion. I will guide you through a series of questions and exercises to help you discover your personal style and learn how to dress your best with the body shape and coloring you naturally possess. Get ready for a life changing experience!

The Beauty Consultation will take you on a powerful journey to bring out the most beautiful you. Enhance your natural beauty with gorgeous haircut and hair color recommendations. Discover the most effective make-up products to reinvigorate your look. You’re going to love the way you look!

Ready to up your beauty game in a big way? I’ll be your beauty guide, selecting the ideal make-up products to create a stunning beauty look for you. Get ready to wow!

Time to simplify your wardrobe! Whether you have too much or not enough in your wardrobe, I will educate you on the best clothing for your body, coloring, and style, and help you rework or eliminate the rest. Finally achieve closet clarity!

Say goodbye to stressful shopping! I’ll be with you every step of the way, guiding you to the ideal clothing for you based on your personal style and budget. Together, we’ll assess each piece to find the most flattering looks for you. Hello dream wardrobe!

Discover fresh ways to wear your wardrobe! I’ll create polished, put together outfits using your clothing, shoes, and accessories. Bonus! I’ll arrange your new outfits by occasion in your own personal lookbook. Don’t spend another morning wondering what to wear!

Please note:
Each service lasts up to four hours.
Cost of clothing and beauty products is not included in the service fee.

Your Stunner Package will include:

• Defining your personal style
• List of stores and labels true to your personal style
• Style icons to inspire your personal style
• Body type guide + list of best fabrics for your body
• Body shape guide + list of flattering silhouettes for your shape
• Body particulars guide to highlight or camouflage various body features
• Body proportion guide
• Body scale guide
• Custom color analysis
• Color swatches + carrying case
• Visual style board expressing your personal style
• Discussion of hair type + your hair’s needs
• Selection of flattering haircut options
• Advice on hair color alternatives
• Determining your skin type + your skin’s needs
• Guide to make-up shades that will complement your coloring
• Selection of beauty enhancing make-up products
• List of recommended skin care products
• Visual beauty board expressing your personal beauty style
• Consultation with make-up artists
• Extensive selection of ideal make-up products
• Recommendation of make-up shades that compliment your coloring
• Product testing to select the perfect shades for you
• Selection of nurturing skin care products
• Array of professional make-up application brushes
• Evaluation of each item in your closet
• Tailoring notes for the pieces that need to be altered to fit properly
• Wishlist of new clothing, shoes, and accessories to add to your wardrobe
• List of great looks for your body shape
• Garments rearranged according to type and color
• Delivery of unwanted items to a local charity
• Personalized shopping plan based on your style and budget
• Typed wishlist
• Shopping together for new clothing, shoes, and accessories
• Full evaluation of each item
• Recommendation of items to purchase and items to forego
• Complete, styled outfits
• Photograph of each outfit
• Outfits organized by occasion
• Outfits arranged in a digital lookbook, accessible anywhere

$2,680 for Up to 24 Hours
Please note: Services booked on Saturdays will have an additional $100 fee.



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