fashion consultation

  • $500   |   3 HOURS

    Discover your fashion style and find out how to dress your body in the most flattering silhouettes and colors! Receive a fully personalized color and body shape analysis so you can
    quickly and easily find colors and styles that will look beautiful on you.

    Step one of your personal styling experience is the consultation. We will meet in your home and have an in-depth discussion about who you are: your likes/dislikes, lifestyle, and styling goals. A consultation guide will be provided, and we’ll fill it out together to help you understand your body’s unique design pattern, body shape, body proportion and your personal style.

    You will also receive a fully personalized color analysis, highlighting the best colors for you. You’ll later be given a custom set of color swatches so every time you’re clothes shopping, you can quickly and easily find the colors that are guaranteed to look beautiful on you.