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I hired Katelyn to help with a closet edit. She was very professional and provided a lot of helpful advice. She helped me figure out what looks best on me while removing items from my closet that weren't the most flattering. I am looking forward to my personal shopping experience! I would definitely recommend Katelyn!


Katelyn was super sweet and professional. She spent 5 hours with me doing a closet edit. I felt very positive after the experience. I learned a lot and have a great "wish list" to start shopping from. I am sure I will call her again. Worth the investment!


Katelyn was fantastic! She styled my fiancé and I for our engagement photos. She had a small wardrobe to work with and found outfits that worked great together.


Having never worked with Thumbtack, I went into this experience not knowing about the quality of service and care. Katelyn responded quickly, professionally, and diligently. I was blown away by Katelyn's attention to detail in regards to her initial correspondence, her professionalism, her help and attentiveness to my needs and desires for a personal stylist. I wish I could give her more then five stars!


Katelyn was great!!! We had a closet edit scheduled at noon and she showed up on time. She is very nice and has a way of making you feel comfortable. We literally went thought every single item in my closet - shoes included!! We talked about what I liked/didn't like about each item and she gave her comments as to what needed to be altered, donated, or kept. From there she was keeping a list of items that we could buy during our shopping session to compliment what I already had in my closet. The closet edit took exactly 3 hours and I feel great and so refreshed!! I can't wait to go shopping with Katelyn so that we can fill in my closet (it's so empty now that I got rid of most of it!). Katelyn has a great sense of fashion and ability to relate to the client. She didn't try to force me into getting rid of things that I didn't want to get rid of or force a style onto me that I wasn't comfortable with. I highly recommend Katelyn and can't wait to work with her again in a few weeks!!


I worked with Katelyn on a much needed closet edit. She evaluated each piece on style, fit, color and quality, as well as how it worked with other items in my closet. As we went along, she also kept track of "best looks" and things that would be essential to replace. I felt very comfortable with her and really trusted her opinion. I would definitely recommend her to others looking to streamline or update their wardrobe.


Went shopping!!! Had a great time. Wish I had taken notes.


Katelyn did a marvelous job making me feel comfortable from the start. She gives great advice while respecting my tastes and preferences. Even when she needs to nix something because it is not flattering, she does it in such a sweet way, you don't feel the least bit offended but rather grateful for her help! She is professional yet still makes closet editing a fun and relaxing time. She is knowledgeable but a genuine "people person." I Look forward to using her for other services.


Katelyn has been a tremendous help to me! I recommend her without hesitation!


What an amazing experience with Katelyn! She is a brilliant stylist with a real eye for bringing to life all the best aspects of one's body and personality through style. When we first met, I had adopted a drab daily wardrobe of all black. On top of that, as a really petite woman, I found myself struggling to find well-fitting clothing that suited my frame. Katelyn took me from a dark and dreary-looking closet, to a vibrant and fashion-forward wardrobe that really expresses my personality and compliments every
part of my body.

I had the full suite of services from Katelyn, and with each one, her passion for the work shone through. She was meticulous, listened carefully, and was able to work within my preferences while still helping me to look outside of the narrow style-box I
had created for myself. Between the closet edit, personal shopping, and helping me understand what will work on my body, I
look incredibly polished and put-together. I have been stopped multiple times by strangers who have something wonderful to
say about my sartorial choices.

Together we found some hidden gems in my closet that, with some tailoring, have become new staples, and found some items
out shopping that are amazing statement pieces. 

- AMY C.

I've had the pleasure twice now of having Katelyn assist me in "editing" my closet. She's prompt, professional, gently honest, personable and easy to work with. She's given me great advice on what I should add to my wardrobe, what looks great on me and what doesn't! She's made me feel very comfortable and trusting of her opinions and suggestions. Katelyn has also helped to boost my confidence in my personal sense of style. I felt like I didn't have a clue about fashion, which is why I sought out Katelyn's services but, as It turns out, I wasn't doing so bad afterall! The benefit is that she's educated me on materials, styles & colors that compliment my body type so that now when I shop for myself I'll only purchase "hits" and not "misses". She has an awesome menu of services to choose from and, I can't wait to utilize her expertise again in the near future.


Katelyn was terrific! So sweet and fun! We did a closet edit and she provided EXACTLY what I was looking for - how to wear some of the great clothes I already have (and which ones I should never wear again). She was totally on time and professional. She wrote everything down so that I could remember those great outfits later as well as the things I will need to purchase. Time went by SO fast and Katelyn has such great ideas and suggestions, I wish I could have budgeted for more time with her! I will definitely be getting together with her for my spring wardrobe.


This is my first time using a personal stylist/professional. This is definitely something out of my comfort zone, but a decision I came to that I needed some professional consultation. I am so glad that I engaged Katelyn to help me with my quest. I found Katelyn on line via Thumbtack, which I have used to find other professional non-related services. As a busy professional, I was exceptionally pleased with Katelyn's responsiveness to my request, communication and inquiry to my exact needs. I am also thrilled that she was on time, ready to work and performed the service as I had requested. I will be looking forward to working with Katelyn on addition services and have a high degree of confidence in her expertise.


Katelyn was so patient and thorough with me! She was very honest and gave me many useful tips! A very pleasant young lady, I would defintely like to do more work on my wardrobe with her!


Working with Katelyn was tremendously helpful! She helped me "purge" my closet and also identify what the missing pieces in my outfits were. Having a list to take shopping next time will be so helpful!


Katelyn did a phenomenal job with my closet edit! After having a baby and changing my job, I needed a wardrobe to fit my new lifestyle and body. She was on time, helpful, and took her time with me and my endless questions. Katelyn was geninuely happy to work with me and I am thrilled with my new closet. Getting dressed is no longer a struggle!


Katelyn came to my house on Sat afternoon and did amazing things for me. Her insight and focus brought a new light to how I look in my closet. She encouraged me to purge items that were no longer relevant. She gave me awesome ideas of pairings and complete outfits. Her knowledge of trends, past and present, was impressive. She took great notes and gave me a list of items that I need to purchase to complete the looks we discussed. I would recommend hiring Katelyn for even a small Closet Edit. You'll be amazed at what she will do for you. We focused on Fall/Winter so I'm definitely going to have her back when I move into the Spring/Summer season.
Thank you Katelyn for focusing my look!

- SUE G.

I gave my sister a closet edit (One hour) and personal shopping (two hours) experience with Katelyn as a birthday gift and she said it was one of the best gifts she ever got. Katelyn was professional and fun and really listened to what my sister wanted and needed to purchase to add to her wardrobe. The entire experience was professional and fun and I'd definitely highly recommend Katelyn if yourself or someone you know is in need of a stylist. Katelyn was extremely organized and the entire experience was a lot of fun!


In the beginning of Feb, I found out I won a closet edit session with Katelyn Milley from a New Year's giveaway she was doing. I was so excited (and a little nervous!) because I've known for years this was something I needed to do. I've always had trouble deciding what to get rid and inevitably add to my closet much more than I remove!

Well today was the day! I have to say, it was so much easier to say "no" to the no's with Katelyn giving me her expert opinion on style, fit, relevance, etc. She gave me great ideas that will help me use pieces I haven't been wearing. She also gave some minor altering suggestions to make pieces I love fit better.

If you feel like your clothing purchases have been piling up for years and you don't know what to get rid of, a closet edit with Katelyn is your answer! She made me feel comfortable, was honest, and confident that I can continue to tackle the other sections of my closet myself. (We only went through shirts, it's crazy how fast 3 hours go by!!)

Thank you Katelyn, for a great experience!! I'd recommend you to anyone who needs a little push to get their closet cleaned out and up to date!!


Katelyn is the best ! I did a consultation, closet edit and personal shopping with her ! Hoping to get in some more personal shopping sessions once life settles down a bit with the kids ! She is awesome. I’ve gotten such compliments on my outfits and style lately thanks to her !!!


Katelyn is really great!! I would recommend her to anyone


Had the pleasure of working with Katelyn Milley, Personal Stylist in my home today. She was prepping me for a photo shoot she's doing & helped pull together different looks that will photograph well. You know I organize closets, but this was a whole new twist for me. Highly recommend using her to help you make the most of your wardrobe and find your style!


Katelyn was so great! I had a tighter budget and she helped me stay within that budget while also getting some really amazing pieces. I am not a huge fan of shopping but my time with her flew by and she was extremely positive and helpful. She helped me create a wardrobe that can transition from my new life in the work world to nights in the city! I would recommend her 100% to anyone who needs a little help figuring out what looks best on them and trying some new pieces that are a part of your own brand and style!


Katelyn Milley, Personal Stylist, is the best. I look forward to her visit every season!


I loved working with Katelyn on a closet edit. Not only is she organized and professional, but somehow she makes you feel like a friend you've known for a long time is sitting in your bedroom, helping and giving advice! Firm enough to get me to let go of unflattering or rarely used space robbers, she still respected my preferences and ideas. Katelyn left me with two lists which have already helped with both combinations in my own closet, and shopping for items I will actually use! Can't wait to use her for other services.


Katelyn is a true professional and extremely personable at the same time. I would deffinitely use her services again!


I recently completed the Fashion Consultation and Closet Edit with Katelyn and it was such a fabulous experience. My style has been in flux between changing jobs and two kids, and Katelyn really took the time to understand what I want my style to be as well as what works best with my body. I learned so much. And the closet edit really helped to hit the reset button and rid my closet of things that I don't need and don't flatter me, and focus on what I have the works in my style and for my body! I also learned what I'm missing and Katelyn helped create a wish list which we are going to use when we do a personal shopping trip.
I highly recommend Katelyn and her services. She will not disappoint !


My testimony is you got me started finding the " pretty" inside of me and THEN I lost 50 pounds!


I had a plan in mind for my closet edit and Katelyn was totally on board with doing it my way... which made the whole process easy. Her knowledge of fit, style, and color was incredibly impressive. I couldn't quite put my finger on why certain items did or didn't look good on me, but it took her about two seconds to figure out what the problem was and which shapes look best on my body type. Everything I've considered purchasing since gets run through a "what would Katelyn say" filter. Honestly... everyone should do a Katelyn closet edit!


I did the "closet edit" and it was exactly what I was looking for! Katelyn was warm, friendly, and highly professional. Rather than imposing one specific standard, her focus was totally on what made sense for ME given my life and my style. I am very happy knowing that now everything in my closet fits and looks good, and along the way she created a specific "wish list" to help focus future shopping efforts. I would highly recommend Katelyn to anyone!


Katelyn helped me with shopping. She was patient but managed to keep us on track, efficiently getting to the best stores and finding the best fits. She has an encouragingly decisive attitude, and knows my style. I would trust Katelyn to shop for me at this point.


I did the fashion consultation with Katelyn and learned so much! Katelyn took her time to help me truly learn what my style was and how to apply it to what will highlight my assets. A lot goes into the fashion consultation, but luckily she provides a binder with all of your information for later referral. I learned what colors truly enhance me and have swatches to take shopping with me! I used to get frustrated shopping not knowing what would look good, but now I have confidence to shop knowing what will look good on me no matter what. Online shopping is easier too! Doing the fashion consultation was an investment that lasts much longer than the latest fashion trend. Katelyn is easy to talk to, friendly and flexible. Highly recommended!


My first meeting with Katelyn was a closet edit. She was so thorough and thoughtful. She also put everything back in there so neatly, everything was hung properly and color coded. I love it! I also love being able to look in my closet and know that everything in there looks good on me. Thank you Katelyn!!


Well worth every penny! Katelyn is excellent. She understands your style and blends it with the current styles no matter what your age. The closet edit frees you from all the stuff you have accumulated. She helps you fill in the gaps so you end up with a wardrobe you will really wear. I have her come in every season to help get me organized.


So glad I hired Katelyn Milley Stylist, she helped me find my own personal style; super impressed with her attention to details, she's friendly and an amazing creative person, it was worth it, I'm very pleased!






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