The Fashion Consultation is the definitive, foundational experience for you to learn how to authentically express yourself through fashion. I will guide you ... read more
  • beauty consultation

    The Beauty Consultation will take you on a powerful journey to bring out the most beautiful you. Enhance your natural beauty with gorgeous haircut and hair color ... read more
  • beauty appointment

    Ready to up your beauty game in a big way? I’ll be your beauty guide, selecting the ideal make-up products to create a stunning beauty look for you ... read more
  • closet edit

    Time to simplify your wardrobe! Whether you have too much or not enough in your wardrobe, I will educate you on the best clothing for your body, coloring, and style ... read more
  • personal shopping

    Say goodbye to stressful shopping! I’ll be with you every step of the way, guiding you to the ideal clothing for you based on your personal style and budget ... read more
  • personal styling

    Discover fresh ways to wear your wardrobe! I’ll create polished, put together outfits using your clothing, shoes, and accessories. Bonus! I’ll arrange your new outfits ... read more

    Bring out your beauty for the world to see. I’ll provide the styling and make-up magic for you to have an incredible photo session. You’ll look and feel amazing ... read more